Monday, January 23, 2017

Type A or B

Why does Shane think I'm type A? I think he is but he sleeps easy and can turn his brain off. There are days I wished I could stay focused and keep rolling. All but the boldness I guess I am type A. I love to compete with myself more than someone else. Witch is a great thing today. I did my first V-up! I want to shout but more had to be done. They certainly are challenging and I love it. I love when God gives me the strength to do new things. It is so awesome. It is the game I play by myself. I love a new challenge. Trying to find delicious healthy meals is a fun challenge. Expecially when you're trying to get 5 people to like it. I'm ready to live. God and me have all kinds of stuff in store. My present shape is going to have to change. More water please. Time to get my day going.

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