Monday, January 9, 2017


Challenging, I have felt is my word for this year. Doesn't it sound better then hard. Or it takes work. I choose to challenge myself to try new things to push a little further. That sounds awesome. In all my excitement I really know God is with me. Sunday he adds it to the message clearly was spoken to me. Because, my response during service that's my word for the year! God bless me. I needed that reminder. That I choose to challenge myself daily. I want to read a devotional daily 5 days a week. Be a better mom daily. Challenge myself to in the moment world. So, diet wasn't so great yesterday. Stayed on top of my water. Had a little to much Chinese food. Way to much sodium. I should have planned my day better. I will celebrate no pizza small piece of cake and one serving at dinner. And, no late night snack. And, knowing I don't pray alone in this world. Til tomorrow love yall!

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