Thursday, January 5, 2017


I got all my water and then some yesterday. Hard to believe I had two caffeines with 120oz of water. Sometimes I need inspiration. I don't think I can ever keep this up. I know I have fallen a lot when it comes to this healthier life style. A lot of people around me have tasted the healthier bodies. I think of their smiles when they lost it with hard work and dedication. My husband, brother, and bestie have all been there. They have gained some back and most of them are getting back on that train I think because they know how it feels to be healthier. It keeps me from binges most days. I remind myself God is with me through this. Sore muscles means they are getting stronger. The desire in my heart is to enjoy this life not to watch it go by. Not to wish for the might have been. I love being outside with my family. Fixed one excuse of why I can't do it. Working on the other now.
I didn't binge yesterday. Had a little more cornbread then I should have but still rolling today.

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