Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Weird title. But, I fight with the biggest hater everyday. It's me. It's a battle when I doubt myself. When I just want to sleep in. I'm sore. I see no point in this. I fell off the eating better (little chocolate bars last night 7). So, today everything is sore. I got out of bed woke up my beautiful children and put on my workout clothes. Lift myself back up sore and ready to go. I have no end goal this is it. I want it to get easier. I want to jog further. I have monetary goals. Like my new year how soon can I finish my 500 miles. It's a little at a time but I'm building again. My single servering has been going well. Finished 90oz of water yesterday. I drink 20 before I have anything. (Coffee or tea in the morning) it sets my day off. The other haters are people that don't know you. They don't know the struggles you think are written all over you. I fight with gluttony. I over enjoy food. Or I'm sad or have been pushed down and fall everytime I try. Today I see a fighter that gets back up and at it again. I fall, I hurt, and I mess up but I'm not quitting. Now for the mom day cooking and laundry. And, for my mind I started a new bible study.

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  1. Best blog ever babe!! I love the fighter in you. I love that you don't just go quietly into the night. You are a bit of a bad ass babe!!