Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I love my routine in the mornings. I get everyone up and going fix hair, breakfast, and lunches. Then out the door running. My kids are at school first thing. You know so they can be social or get extra help with work. Or so mom doesn't have to sit in traffic. I got to the gym early was going to class today. But, waiting just seemed to take forever. So, slow mile it is. Then class in the mirror room. I don't like the mirrors but, I'm getting over it. I was sweating like crazy the heater was on. Melting was the was to go. No weights today but my body weight is enough. Was super excited when I did a few jaxs on the step. Incase you didn't know jumping this much weight offor the ground is some work. I was excited to push myself a little more today even while I groaned through it. Drank over 100oz of water yesterday. Already have 40 down this morning. More workout diet stores to come tomorrow!

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