Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A new day

I woke up sore. Like I didn't want to move. Said a quick prayer had to get this day and the kids going. You know did the mom stuff breakfast and lunch for the littles. Rushed my oldest to get her lunch packed. Put on my gym clothes. Went to grab the last apple and eat half of it but it was gone. My plan is not going well on not being hungry this morning. Got in the van asked what Lauren had packed for her lunch. Apple and peanut butter. I'm not going to grip those are great choices for her. I had my first bottle of water down and I have my mints in my van. I'm good. Moved my sore muscles on the elipitial first get all losed up. She wrote new stuff on the board today. What is this new stuff? We did minute rounds 3 2 1. At your own pace. New stuff. Wall ball sit ups. That was challenging. Inner thigh Jack's. I'm barely coordinated enough for a regular jumping jack so you can imagine I messed that one up pretty good. I know I always wanted to be a dancer but my movements never quite looked I how I picked me doing them in my head. So neither did do jumping jack and bring your leg up and touch it. But, I have to keep moving. Even looking silly and not quite doing it right.

My eating yesterday God helped me with that battle. Oh I really want the candy in the freezer that my husband put in there and forgot. Who forgets candy? Battled that beige with my mints and water.  It will be OK to have them again when I will stop at one or two not 20. So, none for me right now. Having an awesome day.

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  1. great job babe! you are setting the bar on this journey