Friday, December 30, 2016

A new day.

Today I started with a new attitude. Going to do what I can again. Drinking my water. Back up to 80 Oz a day again. One sweetened caffeinate drink. Single portions today. No candy today. I put it all in the freezer yesterday. I was getting carried away.
Went back to class today. Did what I could. Can't wait til I can do more. I just keep moving. My feelings where a little hurt today. I don't think it was on purpose. We where talking about the high reps. And the response was to pick a different workout slot. Well, guess what. There isn't a better class time available for me. This class does push me. I don't need a silver sneaker class. And, there isn't a beginners workout class. So, I'm here to stay. Get over it. I know I'm not a hard body looking to lose 5 pounds. I'm here to get as fit as I can by doing what I can.
On to other good news is finished my 500 miles this year! Pretty excited about that. Going to weight soon. Then my next weigh date will be my birthday. I need to come up with new goals to work at next year. Those miles kept me going when I wanted to quit. So, I will be thinking on that.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Feeling my normal again

Got my 80oz of water yesterday! Only snack I had was a hamburger patty with cheese last night. So, today I chose to push it a little. Keep it above 5. It felt great! I was worried about little soreness I was having. But, today even with this cold felt awesome.
So, I got to the a little after the time the class I was doing let out. It was great to see a few people from class and they asked how I was doing. Joy (instructor) was happy to see. I was excited to tell her I will be back in a few weeks. My 500 is looking good this year. I have 16 more to go. Weighing on the 31 then putting the scale away again. The highest I remember was over 350. Yeah that's pounds and it's just a number. That's why I stay away from the scale. I measure my fitness by how I feel now. I'm sure that 350 was around the time me and Shane (husband) went and ate way to much at my favorite Italian restaurant. We felt so miserable that night. I was scared the night we went to dinner there. I was afraid I would fall and over do eat again. See that one plate is huge. He ordered the salad. I really wanted the pasta and eggplant. I ordered it. Had the eggplant and a few bites of pasta brought it home. It sat in our fidget for a few days. Then I gave it to the dogs. It's delicious but not the fuel that makes me feel amazing.  Tonight is becoming one of our favorite dinners. Gluten-free vegetarian lassanga. It ranks 4 out of 5 in my house. Teenager isn't a fan. But, we need better fuel. So, here's to an other good day.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A story to share.

Well, eating wise I did ok yesterday. I drank you 80oz. Did 4 miles today. Just a little more. 4 arm workouts, and 20 crunches (not sure I'm ready yet)
I tell everyone I love my lady doctor. During my last visit I was so excited about getting to workout again. She told me she prayed for the love of working out. My thoughts is I don't love it everyday. I do love the energy I have afterwards. I love doing new things. Like the first time I did a burpee I was excited so I did my celebrition in my mind full of excitement. Yes I celebrate and thank God for those little things. Like the first time I did 40 in class. Chasing a mile goal for the year I have really been celebrating that number getting closer. But, who would have thought my excitement could inspire anyone? To me it's crazy. Still a big girl, but a much happier girl.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tough day

Had some candy yesterday. But, kept to the one plate, 100 Oz of water. Cardio done. Just finished my cardio. Added three arm workouts slow and steady day. Woke up early with the kid, allergies and a headache. Just wanted to sleep. So, asked Shane to do out workout earlier. You know because if you wait to long those excuses get the best of you.
Yesterday I spoke of my prayer. Shane has been the biggest part of that prayer. He supports me. We cheer each other on. Even have been calling each other out on those bad decisions. A lot get through. But, when I ask him to be hold me to it he does. I also try to remind him of his pills so no nightly snack. Thanks God for my supportive husband.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wow 4 years. I have a lot of thoughts to share so let's start.

This started with prayer. I was tired of being tired. So, my conversation with God started with you do what you do and I will do what I can. Almost a year later I have fallen a lot. I still try to do what I can. More back story I have always been the big girl. Just recently started to learn to love me. See I have abusedone this body with a lot of anger, carbs and sugar. It wouldn't magically do what I wanted it to do, run, look a certain way. Loving this body is hard somedays. I have to remeber this body is my gift from God. I can feel it with love or hate it'seems up to me.
 Now on to my adventure. Yesterday was start working out again day after healing from surgery. Doctor said go slow back into it. Guess what my body is at 67th fastest, I guess I have no choice. It's cool, it's all about what I can do today. Even if it's sticking with my water. Yes I carry my water bottle with me everywhere. Other plans for today follow my one plate rule. Means no refillingredients it. That's 3 things today cardior done. Drinking my water and one plate rule. Have to rebuild.
Await for more tomorrow. I could write a book today so I will leave you hanging for now.