Friday, December 16, 2016

Wow 4 years. I have a lot of thoughts to share so let's start.

This started with prayer. I was tired of being tired. So, my conversation with God started with you do what you do and I will do what I can. Almost a year later I have fallen a lot. I still try to do what I can. More back story I have always been the big girl. Just recently started to learn to love me. See I have abusedone this body with a lot of anger, carbs and sugar. It wouldn't magically do what I wanted it to do, run, look a certain way. Loving this body is hard somedays. I have to remeber this body is my gift from God. I can feel it with love or hate it'seems up to me.
 Now on to my adventure. Yesterday was start working out again day after healing from surgery. Doctor said go slow back into it. Guess what my body is at 67th fastest, I guess I have no choice. It's cool, it's all about what I can do today. Even if it's sticking with my water. Yes I carry my water bottle with me everywhere. Other plans for today follow my one plate rule. Means no refillingredients it. That's 3 things today cardior done. Drinking my water and one plate rule. Have to rebuild.
Await for more tomorrow. I could write a book today so I will leave you hanging for now.

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