Friday, December 30, 2016

A new day.

Today I started with a new attitude. Going to do what I can again. Drinking my water. Back up to 80 Oz a day again. One sweetened caffeinate drink. Single portions today. No candy today. I put it all in the freezer yesterday. I was getting carried away.
Went back to class today. Did what I could. Can't wait til I can do more. I just keep moving. My feelings where a little hurt today. I don't think it was on purpose. We where talking about the high reps. And the response was to pick a different workout slot. Well, guess what. There isn't a better class time available for me. This class does push me. I don't need a silver sneaker class. And, there isn't a beginners workout class. So, I'm here to stay. Get over it. I know I'm not a hard body looking to lose 5 pounds. I'm here to get as fit as I can by doing what I can.
On to other good news is finished my 500 miles this year! Pretty excited about that. Going to weight soon. Then my next weigh date will be my birthday. I need to come up with new goals to work at next year. Those miles kept me going when I wanted to quit. So, I will be thinking on that.

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