Sunday, December 18, 2016

A story to share.

Well, eating wise I did ok yesterday. I drank you 80oz. Did 4 miles today. Just a little more. 4 arm workouts, and 20 crunches (not sure I'm ready yet)
I tell everyone I love my lady doctor. During my last visit I was so excited about getting to workout again. She told me she prayed for the love of working out. My thoughts is I don't love it everyday. I do love the energy I have afterwards. I love doing new things. Like the first time I did a burpee I was excited so I did my celebrition in my mind full of excitement. Yes I celebrate and thank God for those little things. Like the first time I did 40 in class. Chasing a mile goal for the year I have really been celebrating that number getting closer. But, who would have thought my excitement could inspire anyone? To me it's crazy. Still a big girl, but a much happier girl.

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