Monday, December 19, 2016

Feeling my normal again

Got my 80oz of water yesterday! Only snack I had was a hamburger patty with cheese last night. So, today I chose to push it a little. Keep it above 5. It felt great! I was worried about little soreness I was having. But, today even with this cold felt awesome.
So, I got to the a little after the time the class I was doing let out. It was great to see a few people from class and they asked how I was doing. Joy (instructor) was happy to see. I was excited to tell her I will be back in a few weeks. My 500 is looking good this year. I have 16 more to go. Weighing on the 31 then putting the scale away again. The highest I remember was over 350. Yeah that's pounds and it's just a number. That's why I stay away from the scale. I measure my fitness by how I feel now. I'm sure that 350 was around the time me and Shane (husband) went and ate way to much at my favorite Italian restaurant. We felt so miserable that night. I was scared the night we went to dinner there. I was afraid I would fall and over do eat again. See that one plate is huge. He ordered the salad. I really wanted the pasta and eggplant. I ordered it. Had the eggplant and a few bites of pasta brought it home. It sat in our fidget for a few days. Then I gave it to the dogs. It's delicious but not the fuel that makes me feel amazing.  Tonight is becoming one of our favorite dinners. Gluten-free vegetarian lassanga. It ranks 4 out of 5 in my house. Teenager isn't a fan. But, we need better fuel. So, here's to an other good day.

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