Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 5 I guess

I did good at staying on my plan. Tomorrow is my asecimint at the gym I am not looking forward to it. But, I need to do it. I am doing my cardio and even upped it a minute on each machine tonight. Took Lauren with me she loves doing the cardio kids. They do the P90x video in there. It is hard not to get on the scale to see if any of this is working but I will wait til Friday like I always do. I have already made out nest weeks scheduled. What days I plan to work out and what I plan to eat during the day. I am looking forward to life group tomorrow. Even though I miss shorty when she doesn't get to come. We have a three day weekend to look forward to the whole family. I might take my plan to the gym with me tomorrow and see what they think. I like the foods I am eating and no seconds. Sometimes that is hard but I can do it. Talk to y'all later. ME:)


  1. Hi Kathy- you can do it. Plan and plan some more! I really believe that is the key to success. Just picture yourself in June- you can be 25-40 pounds lighter..or even more if you lose weight faster than I do!

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