Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's just Thursday

Well, it is. For me that's laundry day. It's also menu and shopping day. I think I might take this task a little more seriously now than I did before. You see it's what keeps my diet going. I choose the fuel for my family most of them like it. One resist a lot. So, there's a lot of prayer that happens today. That good choices are made. Don't go buy the candy that's really cheap. It does save money and calories when we ate at home. Did do a "family style buffett" dinner last night. That would be way splurge. Hushpuppies when your hungry because you skipped breakfast just a bad idea. Time to get back up and keep going. Slipping up isn't the end of the world. Call it out and move on. So, here we go. Still at the gym. Still with the water. Still trying to limit sugar and carbs.

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